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Weekly Round-Up 04.17.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

Welcome back to another fantastic week of content and sports within our community.

What was I most excited about this week? I hear you (not) ask. Well, let me tell you!

Emma Raducanu played her first clay court professional match at the Billie Jean King Cup and became the 317th person to represent Great Britain at tennis. With varied match results and injuries it was good to see her back in action.

I should also share my excitement for West Ham making the Semi-Final. I genuinely think they are going to go the full way, and if they don't, enough weeks will have passed before I write the next blog that people won't remember I've said that.

More importantly, I wonder if I can get my hands on a dataset for their matches? Do let me know if you have one.

Get Involved: April

We have just kicked off our new dataset on the Indy500. You can check out the dataset here.

It's a really clean dataset including details around the year, driver, laps, distance and speed.

The team are so excited to see what you come up with.

This weeks Content

We've got F1, Football & Golf this week how exciting, which comes of no surprise given the sporting schedule!

First up this week is Veronica with this F1 visual. You can view Veronica's viz in full, embedded here. A really nice way of highlighting the success of Ferrari and McLaren.

Next we take a look at Rebecca's personal game of disc golf. Looks like Rebecca was flying with a string of 5 shots of par on her round 2 back 9. Congratulations for clinching the win. Great news.

It's two for two from Rebecca this week. I am loving the abstract art theme of shapes to tell a story. A really nice touch brining elements of a scorecard into the visual.

Rebecca's use of colour really helps call out Shane Lowry's back 9 with an eagle and a double bogey.

Rebecca gives citation to the works of my JLL friends Zach Bowders and Adam Green.

Brett also creates a masters visualisation but using SpotFire.

He utilises a sunburst chart to showcase the US dominance in the Masters with roughly 3/4's of winners being based there.

Ninad switches the focus for us to football this time looking at goal keeper metrics. For me, Ninad has been fundamental in building a cohesive and integrated community of mixing football analytics with Tableau. Thanks for sharing Ninad.

To close out this weeks blog we have this masterpiece from SportsVizSunday Lead Simon.

**Look away now if you're a Norwich supporter!**

Simon starts with a look at the 37 shot draw between Norwich & Brighton before cross comparing the rest of the league. Simon has a clear talent for creating clean visualisations that are jam packed with metrics. We have everything from conversion rates, goal distribution and % of shots on target. Take a look at the tooltips for some more info!

Thanks all for joining for this weeks round-up. Make sure to use the hashtag SportsVizSunday so we see your creations.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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