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Weekly Round-Up 03.20.2022

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

There is a lot going on in the sporting world. In the US we're in March Madness season with both the men's & women's NCAA tournaments. The Six Nations rugby tournament just finished with Italy besting Wales. And the winter Paralympics just concluded in Beijing.

This week we're highlighting visualizations from baseball, basketball (pros & college), cycling, F1, rugby, and tennis.

I'm kicking off this week's round up with this visualization/sonification from Neil. Neil used one of our March data sets to visualize the women's 2021 tennis US Open final match. Be sure to check out the YouTube version for the sonification experience. Fascinating approach to this and the sound experience was very cool. Neil explains the pitches/tones in the thread on Twitter. Once again, I love how Neil pushes the boundaries!

Next up is this animated visualization that shows Mohoric's descent in the final KM of the Milano-Sanremo race. I love the animation in this visual and it is crazy how fast they were going on the descent!

I love this visualization from JP. He's showing the NBA team's preferred shot locations compared to the league average. I think this is an interesting way to show the data and I hope we see more visualizations from JP!

Next up we have two Six Nations visualizations by created with Tableau.

Sam visualized the player performance stats in this stunning Tableau viz. Technically this is an amazing use of map layers and I can't wait to dig into it to see how Sam built the viz. Amazing work!

Chris created this small multiple visualization in Tableau that shows the results of each of the games. I like how easy it is to see the games that were lopsided. Great work Chris!

This is a great article with excellent visualizations from Tina. Be sure to check out the article from the Pitchers List that compares David Wright vs. Christian Yelich and how they fared after their back injuries. I'm enjoying the articles, visualizations, and graphics from the Pitchers List.

It is March Madness season in the US and we've got a few visualizations this week.

First up is this great pie chart from Kirk. One upset and 99% of the brackets were busted on day 1. Perfect use of a pie :)

Long time contributor Sam created these bracket & match-up calculator in Tableau for both the men's & women's tournament. There is a lot of work that goes into these visualizations. I'm always amazed at Sam's work.

Bo, another long time SVS contributor, created this Tableau visualization based on Seth Fishers work. The info/how to read layover is really well done and I love seeing these added to visuals. Bo's packed a lot of information in this viz, nicely done!

I enjoyed this article from Rod Munroe on the 2022 F1 season. He looked at how regulations have changed racing over the years by analyzing the results from Monaco Grand Prix. Great visuals and article!

Thanks for reading and don't forget there is still time to participate in our March Challenge! Have a great week and happy vizzing!

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