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Weekly Round-Up 02.20.2022

Welcome #SportsVizSunday fans to another weekly round-up packed full of sporting data viz goodness.

Let's start with the big news from America over the last 7 days, that's right Derby County won the Super Bowl. Well that may be slightly tongue in cheek but it does truly emphasise my woeful lack of knowledge when it comes to American Football. That said, even I was gripped by the tense finish to the big game, a big congrats to LA Rams fans, commiserations to those of you who were cheering on the Bengals.

Given my lack of expertise on the subject, I should probably be grateful there is only one NFL viz to feature this week, but what we lack in quantity we more than make up for in quality. I really enjoyed the way Ali Tehrani used small multiples to analyse the Rams NFL Season. The use of colour, the carefully placed labelling and a design oozing white space, every element was superbly thought through and a joy to interact with.

Beyond NFL the other big event of the week was the final days of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Over the course of the last 2 weeks we have been wowed by some amazing sporting talent and some amazing sports data viz. For those of you who have followed our recent weekly round-ups you will already be familiar with the incredible talents of Krisztina Szucs and this week Krisztina wowed us again with an outstanding analysis of the Biathlon. This viz is an example of storytelling and analysis at its very best. There are so many insights to be found and you can really feel the ebb and flow of the competition as it unfolded.

It is always a joy to see the range of tools used across the #SportsVizSunday community and some of the best vizzes recently have been developed using R. Nicola Rennie took our February challenge data on the luge and analysed the top speeds from the 2014 and 2018 games. I adore the in depth statistical analysis of the distribution of top speeds and the separating out of the bronze, silver and gold medal winners.

Moving away from the Winter Olympics one of my favourite sports viz from the last 7 days came courtesy of Arshad Ejaz who looked at the F1 Champions of the current millennium. What an amazing design! As an F1 fan (Team Hamilton in case you wondered) I really enjoyed all of the different stories hidden amongst the "Labyrinth of Champions".

This week we also get to give a shout-out to #SportsVizSunday regular Tina Covelli who once again contributed some fantastic visuals to Colin Fong's latest MLB article.

And now for the big finale. Drumroll. The Twitter account of @Odriozolite. Yash's website, is incredible; full of amazing football analytics all of which are grounded in outstanding design choices. This week Yash was at it again when she analysed Harry Kane's match winning performance against Man City. Seriously Yash, you are one talented individual and you give all of the team at #SportsVizSunday such joy in being able to explore your creations. Thank you!

Back in January Yash also featured as a guest host on CJ's website, sharing how to create deep progression charts using Python and freely available StatsBomb data. This week CJ wrote the follow up, part 2 to that blog post, this time helping us all to the be able to replicate the charts in Tableau. As always with CJ, it is a great read and easy to follow, well worth checking out if you wanted to expand your Tableau knowledge.

So that's all folks, thanks for reading and thanks to everyone whose work was featured this week. We still have another week or so left of our February 2022 Winter Olympics challenge, after that we have something pretty special lined up for March, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out what it is, sorry!

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