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Weekly Round-Up 01.29.2023

Hi All,

Welcome back to what is another week of #SportsVizSunday content. So, I wasn't sure where to start this weeks blog in terms of sporting news. Truth be told, I've been a little out of touch with it all this week. However, I've been really into the power of ChatGPT recently and have had some interesting conversations across the group and with friends around the future of where data stories sit, data fluency and the ability of reporting from asking plain questions.

I envision an ideal future state of a mix of qualities of chatGPT, thoughtspot and ask data - type vibe where you put in your prompt and it spits out a quick fire analytics. That being said, it may need companies to clean up their act in terms of how that data is stored.

Anyway, check out my inauthentic sports introduction below.

The good thing is, they used a Roger Federer as the inspirational player. Bad thing is, I'm not sure he ever said that quote, and we only have one tennis viz this week. But staying topical to tennis and RF, Let me know in the comments if you can beat me at this quiz. ( A measely 6/8)

Enough waffle, onto the good bit.

First up Candice Che, who enters our collaboration with the GamesNightViz team. Candice uses the bright neon e-sports effect to highlight prize pools across the globe, contrasting heavily against the dark background.

It looks like if you want to earn a killing in Esports Dota2 & Counter Strike may be the way forward. I'd love to dive into the first chart a little more to see the relationship of team prize pool split per person given those two points sitting at $30M!

Jared brings us another NHL viz this week. The guy is on fire recently. This time creating a dynamic view of a players key stats. That player list is pretty mindblowing!!

This visual is jam packed full of details, honestly think this would be so beneficial to the teams to be able to see it - I hope Jared can get it in front of the right noses.

I find it interesting how in design, small touches around players pictures and club logos really help elevate visuals of this kind.

Simon (less frequently known as Gantt chart connoisseur) has been keeping this one a little under wraps until now, but has a whopping 16 Pompey visuals on a new account, with some sleek team stripes!

To pull out a few favourite aspects, I really enjoy his consistency in branding across all the pieces with the typography used. It makes for a very cohesive brand.

The pompey managerial timeline is perhaps my favourite because it easily conveys the message of duration as manager. I feel like the focus draws out Jack Tins 20 year stint of over 580 games.

Truth be told I'm surprised he can get his hands on so much data. After all, it's not really a massive club like us at West Ham now is it?

Fuad Ahmed wow's us this week of going into some of the intricacies of data preparation for his wonderful IronViz entry. It's a really nice E2E solution of collating data, transforming it and then preparing it fit for creating those beautiful polygons.

If coding isn't your jam and you have an alteryx and tableau license do check it out!

Like i've said before, for me, Fuad created one of the most beautiful soccer vizzes I have seen all year. I would urge you to check out his full visualisation.

In terms of other content we saw in the wider community:

A well designed table is a thing of beauty.

Data Golf presents how that can be done with this visual of Rahm's last 10 starts.

Sam Epley is back to his usual agenda highlighting AFC games with this in depth analysis of Bengals vs Chiefs.

We welcome Paul Harvey's visual on unlucky players in the MLS. Paul also has some really interesting thoughts within the thread for this one, and the equivalent viz for luckiest players that are worth taking a read of.


Got to end on some tennis haven't we.

Krisztina delights us with this animated column chart of the different games from the Australian Open. Krisztina has done this for a whole range of the games so I'd urge you to take a look at her Twitter page @szuci.

That's it for this week. Do check out our collaboration that is running with the GamesNightViz team. 4 great datasets to pick from!

Make sure to use the #SportsVizSunday hashtag so we can see your creations and promote your work.

Take care,

CJ & The #SportsVizSunday Team

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