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Introducing our #SportsVizSunday Tableau Conference community challenge

Tableau Conference is going virtual again this year and whilst that means we won't be able to see each other in person, it doesn't mean that some of the best loved traditions of Tableau Conference week can't continue to happen.

One of the most inspiring experiences of Tableau Conference is the opportunity to complete a community viz challenge alongside hundreds of other members of the #DataFam; seeing all that creativity flowing gives you a real buzz and the vizzes created are always amazing.

Whilst #MakeoverMonday may not be around during this year's conference, there still remains plenty of opportunities to complete a community challenge during the week. Our friends at #WorkoutWednesday will no doubt cook up a fiendish challenge to test your technical abilities, and the team at #DiversityInData recently published no fewer than 6 data sets for you to viz.

TC Europe "A Question of SportsVizSunday"

At #SportsVizSunday we have always loved the thrill of seeing our community come together, at New Orleans we showcased sports vizzes created by the community. In Berlin we did the interactive Tableau quiz "A Question of SportsVizSunday" and in Vegas we hosted the "Wide World of #SportsVizSunday".

And now for the big announcement... this year we are stepping up to the plate and bringing you a data set like no other. A chance for you to viz about what makes #SportsVizSunday great; our #SportsVizSunday community!

Every week at #SportsVizSunday we publish a blog to our website, showcasing the sports visualisations created across the community over the past 7 days. These can be vizzes as part of our monthly challenges or simply a passion project that someone has undertaken. Either way if the viz is about sports, we will do our best to elevate awareness and appreciation of it!

So for this year's #SportsVizSunday Tableau Conference challenge we have extracted details of all of our 2021 weekly blogs and listed all the visualisations we have showcased. All 433 of them!

We recognise that not everyone is a sports fan but hopefully everyone shares the same passion to celebrate others. With this in mind we hoped the data set had something for everyone.

Additionally we have deliberately kept the data set simple so it is easily accessible. Two sheets, one with details about the blog post and one with details about all the visualisations featured, their authors, visualisation platforms, how many views the visualisation has achieved and a link to the original Tweet.

How to get involved

Participation is simple. Download the data set from a website (click here) and create a viz.

You could viz about the different types of sports we have showcased in the visualisations, or the different visualisation tools used to create the vizzes, or simply the individuals featured in the blog posts. The choice is yours.

Having created your visualisation simply post it to your profile, and then tweet it using the hashtag #SportsVizSunday.

Not on Twitter? No problem! Include the tag #SportsVizSunday in your viz title on your visualisation platform, such as Tableau Public.

We would also love to keep a list of all the vizzes created, so we can do an epic blog post to end all blog posts, showcasing the entries. Simply head over to our #SportsVizSunday challenge tracker (click here) and fill in your details.

Got any questions?

New to #SportsVizSunday and have some questions? Unsure about something in the data set? No problem! Just reach out to any one of the #SportsVizSunday Team; Kate Brown, Spencer Baucke, Simon Rowe, CJ Mayes, Mo Wootten or Simon Beaumont and we will be happy to help.

The prize

Wait. There's more? Yep! This year our friends at Tableau have given us a $50 Tableau e-store voucher for one lucky participant to spend on some Tableau Conference swag. On the last day of #Data21, Friday 12th September, we will be randomly selecting one of you to win the prize. All you have to do is complete the details of your viz on our challenge tracker (click here).

So now it's over to you. We cannot wait to explore all the vizzes and to enjoy seeing all our amazing #SportsVizSunday community members showcased in your creations.

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