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Holiday Break Round-Up

Hey all our #SportsVizSunday fans and followers, especially after this crazy, tumultuous, and challenging year, we wish you all a happy holidays and New Year. Thanks to all of you who contributed and supported us this year. We will be hitting pause for the holidays, so this will be the last round-up until Jan 10. See you all in 2021!

Go check this cool viz on ten years of the women's super league from Adam Green.

This viz by Alex Varlamov is mesmerizing!

Fantastic work from Jeff, sharing his "The King of KPI's" viz with us on the day the new NBA seasons kicks off! 🏀

Nicolas participated in the December challenge by looking at the history of women's participation in the summer Olympics. The small multiples section is cool!

Christina is new to Tableau and submitted her first #SportsVizSunday this week. She mapped the IIHF Women's World Championship goal scorers by state. Nice to see Massachusetts near the top! Looking forward to seeing more sports vizzes from Christina.

Sam is my favorite follow on Twitter right now. He's consistently creating outstanding sports visualizations. This one on the top college football (American football) rivalries is awesome. Be sure to give Sam a follow.

Vignesh Suresh utilizes a circular Sankey to show the history of La Liga champions.

#SportsVizSunday mainstay Mateusz Karmalski with this time-lapse of Michael Schumacher's last win in the 2006 China GP.

Check out this biathlon analysis by RJ Weise.

Here are some more visualizations that were not submitted via the #SportsVizSunday hashtag, but that I thought our community would appreciate.

Thanks for tuning in, see you in 2021!

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