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Weekly Roundup 08.27.2023

A wonderful week for athletics this week. For me the highlight has to be Josh Kerr taking the win in the 1500 against Jakob Ingebrigtsen... that or the story of Katarina Johnson-Thompson and her come back to win gold in the heptathlon.

With that in mind if you have any datasets related to the athletics please get in touch. Would be great to share with the community!

Last week we closed out the World Cup, and what a great way to summarise the players who got involved than looking at the 6 main leagues the players come from, in this piece by Damola. The most beautiful thing about this viz is how it takes inspiration from the FifaWWC logo. Damola is known for his aesthetically pleasing designs, and this piece reminds us why that is the case.

Mo takes a high level approach to looking at the outcome of the games with this wonderful radial visual using Brian Moores radial tree template. This visual style particularly works well because of its ability to include the group game stage and not just knock-outs. The use of block colour and dashed lines really help emphasis chosen teams and team success through each stage. Nice one Mo. I expect this may take off as a template for a lot of other sports now too!

Lornas love for rugby and the Warrington Wolves comes across in this piece comparing different coaches over more than 4 decades, focussing on Daryl Powell. Looks like Powells first season really let him down but fortunately the 8 game win streak at the start of the 2023 might have just saved some of his stats.

Brett builds a dashboard using spotfire to help with the NFL draft.

You can filter on receptions, targets, touch downs and play lengths amongst other things. Find your favourite player and see how they compare!

Samuel Epley keeps the fantasty football (NFL) excitement alive with this fantasty football prediction dashboard. Check out Samuels longer thread with discussions around the coefficient of variation, gauging a players conssitency by comparing their historical game performance to their average score. I can imagine this dashboard will be a popular one amongst the community!

Finally, I give baseball a go for the first time on the site. This blog looks at mapping spray charts. Check it out if you get the opportunity. Would love to know your thoughts, by all means do ping me feedback via direct message.

Have a good week ahead. Im excited for the remainder of the long bank holiday in the UK, and looking forward to squeezing in some time for writing new blogs & going on a long run round the city. Enjoy, whatever you get up too.

CJ & the SportsVizSunday team.

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