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Weekly Round-Up 03.13.2022

Hi all,

Welcome back to another week of #SportsVizSunday. This month of March marks the celebration of Women's History Month. You will see a number of activities across the community that you can check out on the Tableau website.

We would love for you to tag one of the many female talents in the Sports viz community who inspires you.

Here at Sports Viz Sunday we have put together three different datasets.

  • Suncorp Super Netball Results courtesy of Abbie Taylor

  • 2021 WNBA stats from Basketball Reference

  • 2021 Women’s Tennis Grand Slam Final Matches from Jeff Sackmann

You can access the data here.

March Challenge

Nicola paves the way for our March challenge looking at the Suncorp Super Netball dataset. The tree map is an easy method of highlighting teams with the greatest amount of points within each season. My main takeaways are Lightening seemed to have a good few years, and that it is becoming increasingly competitive at the top between Giants, Fever and Swifts. Love seeing different tools utilised (R stats). Great stuff Nicola.

Sharon calls out a book by Matt Waite with this fantastic guide for data visualisation through R studio. I would highly recommend checking it out if you want to combine a love for learning R with Sports Viz.

Sharon is really driving Rstats forward in the community in general and is well worth following for the helpful resources she shares. Thanks Sharon.


El tío del dato calls out that Tadej has recorded the highest number of points in the UCI ranking since 2017, and is on track for a new record.

Looks like he had a brilliant cycle yesterday in stage 6 so excited to see where this goes with the last stage.


Sports Viz regular, Samuel Epley wows us with a long-form college basketball rivalries. Samuel uses the Bleacher report to highlight the top 15 rivalries, based on the results of the last 50 rivalries. A really nice touch with the highlight functionality and the use of the team colours.

Soccer / Football

Andy Forrester looks at the recent performance of Newcastle United reflecting on historical XGD averages.

I particularly like the reference bands on this viz to make it easier to understand the league brackets as well as the red and green colour encoding. Nice stuff Andy.

We can always count on Mark to deliver something so aesthetically pleasing. Mark highlights when Man City starts possession from goal kick, on average they progress the ball as far as 59.5 meters from start. I particularly love the combination of the area chart laid onto the pitch itself. A lovely way of showing its size for easy comparison as well as ordering on decreasing progression.

Would love to see something similar replicated in Tableau....

Our very own, Mo Wootten takes a look at England Captains, split by era. Mo reflects on

the fact that Sheffield and Newcastle contributed quite a number of captains in addition to London.

A really clear message to use the diamond with size and colour encoding. A great overall design inspired from Toan Hoangs hex map generator tutorial.

Had a blast taking a look at the different tooltips - thanks Mo. Loved learning that 5 captains were born outside of the UK, including more recently Raheem Sterling who has two caps as captain.

What better way to end the blog this month with a bit of light hearted comedy. Or pain, if you're a United fan. Here is Manchester United's second half shot map against City from last week.

What I do love about it is the powerful message it has when data is in fact missing. It reminds me of the story of the dog that didn't bark.

That's it for this weeks blog. Keep those March sports vizzes coming!

Take care,


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